Solar Control Window Film

Solar control window film is a crucial solution to sun-related issues.


Solar control window films are designed to provide heat reduction through glass, cut sun glare on people and devices, block over 99% of harmful UV rays and a considerable amount of infrared rays.

Different shades and hues are available, to accent the look of your building and to maintain the privacy.

pellicole riflettenti antisolari

  • blocks heat gain up to 89%
  • saves money increasing the energy efficiency
  • cuts glare up to 84%
  • reflective silver effect (mirror)
  • privacy offered during daytime

pellicole a controllo solare

  • blocks heat gain up to 88%
  • save energy using less HVAC systems
  • cuts glare up to 79%
  • soft bronze effect
  • elegant solution for glass

pellicole a controllo solare

  • blocks heat gain up to 94%
  • save energy using less HVAC systems
  • cuts glare up to 92%
  • strong silver effect from outside
  • soft silver view from inside



A solution to sun-related issues


Improve you business energy management


Protect people's health and prevent fading


Modulate light and improve glass look

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How does Solar Control Film work?

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What are Solar Control Window Films?

Solar control window films is a polyester coating that is applied to glass to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that passes through the glass. A scratch-resistant coating is therefore applied ontop.


Every solar control window film features its own characteristics: solar heat gain, light gain, shadow coefficient, g factor and so on.


Sun-related issues can be easily tackled applying solar control window film

What are the main benefits? Why should I install window films?

The main reason you should install window films is that benefits are immediate. You will improve the energy efficiency of your building, cutting down the heat gain through glass. UV rays will be filtered at 99% e and the glare will be reduced tremendously.

The amortization is usually extimated in around 2,5 / 3 years.


Energy costs

How much does air conditioning affect energy costs?

HVAC systems affect 57% of overall energy costs during summer, an Italian study found in 2019.

Increase energy efficiency is a priority: blocking heat gain allows you to maintain a more livable temperature indoor.

Solar control window films help you to save roughly the 30% of air conditioning costs.

Where do you suggest to install window film?

Solar control window film can be applied to every glass surface directly exposed to sun. Particularly during summer, indoor overheat becomes a problem, since you have to extensively rely on air conditioning.


Cooling a location costs three times more than heating it. Because of this, we strongly suggest to install solar control window films.

Do you develop tailor-made solutions?

Yes we do! That’s the way we work!


Our window film specialist study and develop the best solution along with the customer. Our catalogue is various and features a large amount of window films.


The highly-skilled staff works along our technical office to provide a flawless installation.

An long-lasting show!

Installing window films is not as easy as most people think. It takes great expertise and skills to get an application perfectly done.

The sealing process require the same attention as well. If the whole process is perfectly made, window films are likely to last at least ten to fifteen years on vertical surfaces.

We strongly suggest to avoid low-cost window film.

How solar control window film increase the energy efficiency of the buildings?

Solar control window films improve the energy management, particularly in large building with vast glasses.

First of all, you should keep in mind that glass is a “weak” part of the perimeter of the buildings. Rarely we found glasses suitable for blocking solar heat, with the result of overheating indoor locations.

The choiche of installing solar control film allows you to cut heat gain through glass, saving money on cooling systems.

Does window film protect from the harmful UV rays?

As you know, items exposed to sun fade. This is a problem regularly found in clothes and furniture shops, for example.

Fabric and clothes, sofa, paintings, statues and antiques suffer the effect of solar rays. To prevent items and merchandise to fade you should install Anti UV window film.

They serve also to protect our skin from disease.

A good alternative to curtain and shutter.

Customers frequently tell us about the inefficiency of curtains and shutter.

The reason is pretty simple: most curtains are not good at blocking heat and letting the natural light in. Moreover, external curtains and shutters are exposed to atmospheric agent like rain, snow, wind and hail. Their maintenance costs may be excessive, as they tend to spoil over time.

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