Safety and Security Window Film

Safety window film turn ordinary glass into security glass, complying withc Italian and EU laws and regulations. Window frame modification and replacement not required!


Safety window films differ for the number of polyester layers and the treatment which they have undergone. Manufacture process allows you to obtain a certified level of safety, according to legislation. When applied, the security film is transparent and it guarantees a perfect view through glass.


We turn glass into “Security glass”, according to law.


The look is perfectly transparent, a clear view is guaranteed.


We apply our “Mlight Safety Label” on treated glass: this indicates that the glass comply with current legislation.


bollino indica vetro con pellicola di sicurezza

Safety and Security Window Film



Turn glass into security glass and comply to current law


Declaration of Compliance


Quick installation without window replacement


Clear view on both sides of the glass

We operate in:

  • Companies and Factories
  • Schools and Kindergartens
  • Universities and Institutes
  • Gyms and Recreational Places
  • Residential Areas
  • Public Institutions

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Safety and Security Film, BRCGS Standard Food & Safety

BRCGS global standard have been developed to give companies a common safety management framework. It deals with quality and legality of products and their supply chain (retails)

So, the Standard is addressed to:

  • retail shop;
  • logistic and supply;
  • manufacture
  • production plant

We install safety and security window film to prevent splinter contamination in case of breakage.

  • Glass and other fragile elements should be treated to prevent breakage wherever products are at risk and the contamination hazard is high.
  • In case the risk of contamination is real, glass have to be secured.

BRCGS Standard Food requires the compliance to Codex Alimentarius HACCP.


BRCGS Food requests companies to develop and follow HACCP, which is mandatory as explained by Italian Minister of Health.


For further information, please visit the italian version of this page.

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What is safety and security window film?

Safety and security window film is composed by multiple transparent layers. Depending on the characteristics, the layers are treated differently and have a different thickness.

Safety film are designed to turn an ordinary glass into a “safety glass”, complying to law and current legislation.

There are many types of safety film and the choice of the right one mostly depends on the certification required, the risk assessment and the the solicitations expected.

All the information are based on Italian law and legislation.

Why should I install safety window film?

Because the immediately turn glass into “security glass”, according to law.

They also comply to BRCGS Food & Packaging Standard for companies and business.


Everyday you hear about fatal accident caused by illegal glass breakage: this happens in school, house, hotel for example.


Many are not aware of the risk of an old glass, which are frequently not compliant and fragile. Contact us for more information.

Where should I install safety window film?

We suggest to install safety window film on every glass not compliant or in case you do not consider one safe.

Schools, restaurants, jewelry stores, shops, hotels: these locations are more likely to need a major protection.

The installation is carried out by our highly-skilled staff. The application is fast and it is not necessary to remove or replace the whole window.

BRCGS FOOD & PACKAGING: guidelines for workplace safety

Madico safety and security window film comply to BRCGS Standard on protection and prevention, particularly in Food and Packaging sector.


BRCGS are a framework in which you can assess risk and hazard in manufacturing process, supplying and handling of products.

Standards are to set preventive measure to avoid contamination of glass splinters.

Preventing accident and the workplace safety.

Mlight Srl is an authorized dealer and installer of Madico Window Film in Italy. We invite you to take workplace safety seriously.


We find non-compliant and old glasses in high risk location such as schools, kindergartens, hospices. Residential buildings sometimes have the same lack of safety.

Unfortunately, many does not understand the risk linked to glass. A casual impact may have serious or fatal consequences to people’s health. This should be taken into serious consideration in those location where elder and pupils live and study.

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