Spectrally Selective / Anti UV Transparent Film

Spectrally selective and anti UV window films provide a multiple-level protection keeping a mostly unaltered view.


Are you looking for a solution to cut solar heat gain and to let natural light in? Do you want a standard anti UV window film? Our highly engineered films secure an excellent outcome. The spectrally selective film perfectly fit to glass keeping a semitransparent view, allowing the sight from both sides of the glass. While anti UV film is the standard solution to filter out more than 99% of UV rays – and it is totally transparent.

  • Cut solar heat gain up to 69%
  • anti-scratch coating
  • UV rays blocket over 99%
  • low reflectivity for a good view from both sides
  • high light transmission value
  • cut glare up to 48%
simulazione pellicole trasparenti selettive anti uv

Madico Anti UV film, thanks to their innovative composition, filters 99% of UV rays keeping a clear view through glass.

  • transparent
  • block UV rays over 99%
  • prevent fading of goods
  • designed for shop, retal, museum to keep goods and artwork

Amber81 is a high-performance spectrally selective anti UV film. It provides excellent blocking throughout the 400nm range, with transmission below 10% all the way up to around 500nm.

  • block over 99% UV rays
  • protect from harmful effect of led light (blue light)
  • prevent fading of goods and protect the skin from disease
  • designed also for medical instrumentation, laboratories, clean rooms
  • the amber color is what gives it this extra blocking capability

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How can I use spectrally selective window films? What does spectrally selective mean?

Thanks to their innovative composition and the treatment they undergo, spectrally selective window film has a semitransparent, neutral look, able to partially cut solar heat gain and to keep an excellent % of light transmission. This way, you will provide a a natural brightness.


We suggest the installation of spectrally selective window films in shop, retail, showroom, museum, art gallery and on every glass exposed to solar-related issues.

Do you suggest to install anti UV window film?


UV rays are extremely dangerous to our health. Moreover, goods and furnishings tend to fade over time when exposed for long time.


Anti UV window film filters out more than 99% of incoming UV rays through glass. The film perfectly fit to glass, it is transparent e mostly invisible to spot.


Goods in shop and retails suffer the effect of sunlight: fading and degradation are a pretty common issue, particularly for clothes shop and fabric. Wood is at risk as well, because sun spoils it: parquet and furnishing should be protected. Additionally, Anti UV film is the perfect choice for residential and museum, to protect artwork, statue, paintings, antiques and items.

Can I install this film to shop windows? Which are the best?

The composition of our window film secure the flawless cohesion to every kind of stratified glass.


This film is excellent for application of shop window, showroom and similar location. It provides great protection against sun-related issues.

Many shop owners ask us a consultation. For sure, window films are way better than any improvised curtain or shut, because the former are designed to bring the solar performance to the extreme edge. Many times, a curtain can not be compared to solar control window film, unless specs and test results are provided contextually. Curtains may block light transmissione but not the heat, allowing the “greenhouse effect” in the interiors.

If you want to prevent location overheat and to protect goods, the go-to solution is to rely on our window film, the best you can find on the market.

What is Amber81 window film?

Amber 81 is a special window film which, thanks to its amber color, excellently blocks the electromagnetic spectrum up to 500nm.


The application of Amber 81 is suggested wherever you are looking for a superior protection. It is usually installed in medical and industrial fields and to block the harmful “blue light” of Led light.

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